Our programs are designed to achieve the vision of the Pastor. Program, Worship and Operations auxiliaries support the many events and services of the ministry. If you would like to participate, please contact

To record and distribute audio and video of church services and other programs.

Culinary Committee
To prepare tasty, and nutritious meals for church functions.

Couples Ministry
Serves to help married couples strengthen and enhance their relationships.

Greeters Committee
To coordinate and carry out special events of the church.

Guardian Angels/Parking Ministry
To protect the ministry’s property and secure the buildings so that all who enter may worship freely in His peace.

Health/Nurses Ministry
To promote the health, healing and wholeness of the congregation.

Men’s Fellowship
Serves to establish bonds among men and to address concerns relative to men.

Seniors Ministry
To provide Christ-centered activities addressing the spiritual, educational and social needs of church members and friends age 55 and older.

Singles Ministry
To provide singles with positive life enrichment opportunities, fellowship, support and interaction with other singles within the context of the Christian Faith.

Shepherd’s Care Ministry
To administer needs for the under-shepherd of the church, pastor’s mother and staff.

Provides an ongoing assessment of acoustics. Operates sound and lighting during services.

Transportation Ministry
This ministry provides transportation to members to church services and other special programs
Ushers Ministry
To greet and seat members and visitors as they enter for worship; to ensure all worshippers are comfortable; to distribute programs for services.

Wedding Committee
Serves to assist brides with guidelines concerning Christian weddings in Union Baptist Church.

Women’s Fellowship
To foster unity among women and to develop a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities as Christian women.