Why Our Ministry

What makes this church unique in its approach to ministry?

This church practices an approach to ministry called “prophe-charismatic ministry.” The word “prophe-” comes from the word “prophetic,” which speaks to the work of social justice that is often perpetuated by the prophets of the Old Testament; however, today it means addressing issues like racism, classism, sexism, drugs, violence and areas of corruption that affect our community.

What are the strength areas of the ministry and what is the primary focus of the ministry?

Worship – We believe worship is important because it allows you to stay focused on God, and it allows you to work on your relationship with God. Plan to meet us in worship on Sunday.

Study – We believe this is important because in order for your life to be maximized, you must study to show thyself approved unto God. Make plans to attend our bible study.

Fellowship – We believe that Christianity is about relationships. Therefore, we offer several opportunities for you to get to know other people in the ministry.

Evangelism – Union Baptist is a community church, thinking and acting globally. Union has been recognized nationally and internationally for its work in missions and evangelism. Inquire about the C2C Drug Dealers and Street Life Conference, and don’t forget to ask us about our new and innovative Gospel Ice Cream truck.

Prayer – We believe prayer is the foundation of all that we do. There are times when the church will call a corporate fast and prayer gatherings, while also encouraging members to pray for one another.

Giving – We believe in supporting the ministry with Tithes and Offerings.

Is there age diversity represented at Union Baptist Church?

Union Baptist is unique because there is a great balance between the older generation, middle age generation and the younger generation. Among the 4,000 members in the church, all age groups are recognized, involved and very visible. At Union Baptist Church you may hear traditional hymns while in the same service, the youth may “rock” some Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett or even participate in the step team! There are many programs to minister to young adults like the Business and Professional Jazz Luncheon, stage play productions and other exciting activities for the family. Union Baptist has been labeled one of the most diverse ministries among age generations in North Carolina.

Is there a place for people who are shy and do not like large crowds to be apart of a mega-church like Union Baptist Church?

Yes, there are many small group activities that take place at various times. Also, during the worship there is a greeting time so people can connect with those who are close to them in worship. The early morning service provides a more intimate setting for those who do not like large crowds. At Union we try to make you feel like you are at home.

What are some of the things people enjoy about Union Baptist Church?

“The teaching, preaching, and fellowship!”

“The way we give help to the community.”

“The Spirit of the Lord is ever present here.”

“Encouragement to be saved and live a Christian life.”

“Anointed, genuine, caring, funny, passionate, down to earth, humble, prophetic Pastor.”

“The Freedom to Worship.”

“The Friendly members.”

“Great youth programs!”

“There’s something for all to do!”

“Relevant ministry.”

“It has enhanced my spiritual growth!”

“The Holy Spirit resides here!!!”