College Internship

Rising To The Top Of The Pack!
Open to Rising College Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors!

Purpose:  To give college students an   opportunity to explore and  expand their God-given gifts   in the context of the church and community environment.
Spiritual Growth and Development – To engage the college student in exploring their spirituality and relationship with God, during 30 minutes of Sanctuary mediation before beginning their workday.
One-On-One Mentoring With The Bishop – To give the student an opportunity with one-on-one time with Bishop Mack for spiritual guidance and life coaching on peer pressure, coping with stress, understanding parental-child guidance, and other subject matters experienced by the millennial generation.
Weekly Meetings With Elected Officials – To have a six-week program where on a weekly basis elected officials from the state and local community will come and engage the intern in community service.  The interns will be required to attend a City/County Council Meeting to learn governmental processes.
Group Community Visits – The Intern will visit an off site location for community service or observation with the entire Intern group like a Nursing Home, Soup Kitchen, Hospice Care Facility, Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, or Homeless Shelter.
Work Study – The student will be placed on their job in the church or extended locations by their area of study or within their major. For example, an accounting major will work with our finance ministry, sports and recreation major may assist with our Youth Character Football League, a social science major may be assigned to help plan our Corner 2 Corner Drug Dealers and Street Life Conference.  We will be partnering with the Winston-Salem Urban League for some job placements as well.
Career Development – The Intern will be exposed to practices for success and will hear lectures from various community leaders on Dressing For Success, Technology Ethics, Enhancing Communication Skills, Basics of Golf, Resume’ and Interview Skills, Financial and Investment opportunities, Coping With Stress, along with other meaningful and life changing experiences.  This program is designed to last for six weeks.

For More Information: or call 336-724-9305.