Conference Guest Preachers ~
~ Dr. Kent Millard is presently serving as the President of the United Theological Seminary, and will be speaking at the Alumni Luncheon, which is scheduled to be held on Thursday, March 22, 2018.
~ Dr. Harold Hudson is Vice President for Enrollment; Associate Dean for Doctoral Studies of the  United Theological Seminary; will be the opening speaker on Tuesday, March 20, at 1:00 p.m. Come prepared to  hear Dr. Hudson inspire us to innovation for ministry transformation.
~ Dr. M. Keith McDaniel  is a 2008 graduate of United Theological Seminary and the pastor of the 1,500 membership Macedonia Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Dynamic, relevant, uplifting and innovative are some of the words often used to describe the ministry of Dr. M. Keith McDaniel Sr. Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m.
~ Dr. E. Dewey Smith is the Senior Pastor/Teacher of The House of Hope Atlanta, Macon, GA  – one church in two locations – with a membership roll of more than 15,000. A proud native of Macon, Ga., he has been a minister of the gospel for more than 25 years. Dr. Smith will serve as the Wednesday Night preacher on March, 21, at 7:30 p.m.
~ Dr. Cynthia L. Hale is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, Georgia. The Ray of Hope Christian Church is a congregation that has a vision to “impact and transform this present world into the Kingdom of God” through Housing, Healthcare and Education Initiatives. Dr. Hale will be the devotional preacher  on Thursday, March 22, 2018.
~ Dr. Rudolph McKissick is Senior Pastor of the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, located in Jacksonville, FL. Gaining the reputation as the nations premier preacher, and one who provides tremendous insight for over coming obstacles. Bishop McKissick will be preaching Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.

Conference Lectures and Descriptions ~
~ “A Theological Foundation For Creative Ministry”   Dr. David Watson will provide a biblical and theological insight on creativity and its place in ministry. This lecture will formulate the framework for the entire conference, and will set the attendees up with the relevant questions for development.
~ Creative Ministry for the Future Church Dr. Sir Walter Mack gives insight on the sociological changes that affect the church today. During this lecture Dr. Mack will be giving practical creative ministry ideas that can move a traditional church into an innovative future.
~ Creative Church Leadership With Purpose Dr. William Watley for decades has tapped into the    enormity of this subject matter, while insight on biblical text that can be used to challenge and inspire purposeful leadership.
~ Unfreezing Moves Dr. Jessie Williams does at tremendous analysis on the book “Unfreezing Moves”. There are two kinds of churches that exist; a stuck church and an unstuck church. Come a discover the indicators of both churches.
~ Doing A New Thing In Ministry Dr. Rosario Picardo grew up in western New York as a first-generation Sicilian-American. In  2014, Dr. Picardo earned a Doctoral Degree from United Theological Seminary. He will provide practical approaches to methods of evangelism and doing new things in ministry. This workshop will inspire church leaders to “think outside of the box”.
~ Financial Stewardship and Church Leadership Dr. Buster Soaries speaks from his heart with great  transparency about the journey of financial freedom. Leaders can learn the practical’s of becoming debt-free, and living a fruitful financial life in ministry.
~ The Creative Preaching Paradigm of Dr. Charles E. Booth and It’s Relevance For Today Dr. Jessie Williams will do an intense analysis and   critique on the preaching of Dr. Charles Edward Booth. This lecture is designed for all clergy to learn practical approaches to prophetic preaching. This is a must class for all pastors and associate ministers.
~ Leading While Bleeding: Basic Matters of Pastoral Care – Dr. Elvin Sadler has tailored his message for church leaders who serve in decision-making positions. This lecture will inspire the leader to practice pastoral care on self first, while leading others to a place of holism. How do you minister to others while you are  dealing with depression, oppression, church conflict,  family problems, financial shortages, just to name a few?
~ Creative Formations of Prayer That Get Results Mrs. Callie Picardo takes the lead on exploring the  various approaches to prayer, while inspiring intercessory prayer leaders on prayer formations that make a difference.
~ Effective Administrative Strategies For Church Staff – Dr. Yvette Martin/Dr. Eric Gladney will provide practical organizational patters for church administration. This class is designed to inspire Church Staff, Administrative Assistants, and Secretaries for knowing the heart of the pastor while doing ministry.
~ Avoiding Cliques and Conflict in The Church –  Pastor Kevin Sturdevant has authored this material, and gives a front row view of how cliques form and cause conflict in the church. Come learn strategies for avoiding the pitfalls of a such a temptation and strengthen discernment in this regard.
~ The Opioid Crisis In Community and The Church Professor Mark Covington, Jr., has a grip on this subject matter and the emergence of the opioid crisis of not only in community, but also in the church. This workshop is timely and will give us the indicators on when this problem is evident in your congregation. Also, come learn the options of resources available to the church.
~ Black and Blue Sitting In Church – Ministering To Domestic Violence – This workshop is designed to equip the leader on recognizing domestic violence within the congregation. Come learn the signs of abuse and where to point people who are looking for a safe place.
~ Saved, Single and Serving – Pastor Cheryl Moore has led a Durham, North Carolina congregation without any integral concerns as a single pastor. Come listen to her transparency about being single and serving. God has a special plan for singles and serving God as a single can be fulfilling and a powerful witness.
~ The Use of Social Media To Reach the Millennial Dr. Kia Hood and Pastor James Wilkes are Millennials who will school us on the world of social media and the impact it has on the church. Come learn how to market,brand, advertise, and use social media as a platform to  make your church relevant to the millennial generation.
~ “Children in Crisis” – Compassion International – Minister James Olson lead those who are interested in missions on a virtual tour to a third world country. Come put on some goggles and for 8-minutes tour the devastation and life in a third world country like Haiti. Learn ways of adopting children, and doing missions in a global way.
~ Security Ministry In The Church Mr. Carles Boyd will do a 3-hour training for church leaders who have an interest in organizing a security ministry in the church. With the threat of hate crimes, violence, and terrorism, it is imperative today that the church begins to plan in this regard.
~ Music and Fine Arts Choirs, Praise Teams, and Dance Ministries will explore the importance and the significance of being creative in worship, and providing support to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Music theory, traditional and contemporary music will be taught and then shared during the night worship services.
~ Spouses of Pastors – will have a chance to bond, fellowship and be encouraged through various sessions with Kim Mack and Billie Hudson. A paint class is being discussed.

Panel Discussion and Forum ~
Dr. Eric Gladney, Moderator
The Role of the Post-Modern Church and Creativity – Dr. Justus Hunter
The Prophetic Voice and Creative Social Justice – Dr. Reginald Van Stephens
Creative Methods For Reaching Men In Ministry – Dr. Alfred Thompson
Creative Methods For Encouraging Women To Win – Dr. Bridget Weatherspoon
Church Gentrification and Adjusting to District Changes – Dr. Lucius Dalton
Leadership Development for The Future Church – Dr. Sharon Ellis-Davis
Transitioning a Traditional Church To a Creative Church – Dr. Harry White

Special Conference Features
~ Karen Abercrombie, award winning actress from the movie, War Room, will lead a conference lecture.
~ Christian Comedian Debra Terry Stephens will perform at the Alumni Luncheon.
~ Compassion International will be providing sponsorship opportunities for children in third world countries. Please come prepared to support and learn about missions.
~ Gospel Prayer and Aerobics will take place every morning at 6:00 a.m. for those who choose to enjoy.
~ There’s My Angel A Special Movie will be shown on Thursday at a nearby theater produced by the Wake Chapel Church in Raleigh, NC. You don’t want to miss this movie viewing.
~ Night Services will be led by Peer Mentors, Millennials, People with Disabilities, International Students and Laity.


Conference Registration:  $65
Daily Registration: $25 (must register on site)